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Thank you for your interest in nominating an awardee for the 2023 Kristen Ries Community Service Award!

The Kristen Ries Community Service Award was first called the Utah Pride Community Service award, and it was created by Donny Eastepp, while serving as Gay Pride Day chair in 1987. The award was established to recognize outstanding service to the LGBTQ+ community. The first awardee was Dr. Kristen Ries, M.D., (she/her), and since then, the community service award was named in her honor. Dr. Kristen Ries was recognized with the award for her humanitarian efforts in dealing with the AIDS crisis. The Kristen Ries Community Service Award is the highest honor our community can bestow, and recipients represent and exemplify compassion, leadership and courage.

Nomination Process

Nominations for the 2023 Kristen Ries Community Service Award will be open from April 28 to May 12, 2023, and the awardee will be announced during Pride week (June 1 - 4). 

Selection Criteria:

  • the nominee shows dedicated love of the LGBTQ+ community
  • the nominee has, in their own unique ways, given time, money, service and commitment to building or supporting the LGBTQ+ community
  • the nominee is a positive role model for the LGBTQ+ community members
  • the nominee represents and exemplifies compassion, leadership and courage.

The Dr. Ries Selection Committee shall consist of every living person who has received the award, and one representative of each organization that has received the award. In the case of representatives of organizations, it shall be at the sole discretion of the organization as to who shall be their representative, and that representative may change from year to year, but may not change once the nomination and selection process has begun, until after that year's award recipient(s).

Past Awardees

1987- Dr. Kristen Ries, M.D.

1988- Rev. Bruce Barton

1989- KUTV Channel 2

1990- Chuck Whyte

1991- Nikki Boyer, Becky Moss, Ben Williams

1992- The College of Monarchs of the Royal Court of the Golden Spike Empire, Craig Miller

1993- Ben Barr,  Val Mansfield, Kathy Worthington

1994- Kim Russo

1995- Bruce Harmon

1996- Clariss Cartier (Doug Tollstrup), Charlene Orchard, Barb Barnhart

1997- Rev. Kelly Byrnes, Jeff Freedman, Maggie Snyder

1998- LaDonna Moore

1999- Dr. Patty Reagan, Ph.D.

2000- Marlin Criddle

2000- Brenda Voisard

2001-Laura Milliken Gray

2001- Brook Heart-Song

2002- Kevin Hillman

2003- Doug Wortham

2004- Luci Malin

2005- Jane & Tami Marquardt

2006- Jackie Biskupski

2007- Doug Fadel

2008- Stan Penfold

2009- Walt Larabee

2010- Mark Swonson

2011- Michael Aaron

2012- Valerie Larabee

2013- Brandie Balken and Charles Lynn Frost

2014- Fran Pruyn and Mark Lawrence

2015- Courtney Moser

2016- Peggy Tomsic

2017- Todd Bennett

2018- Alan Anderson

2019- Sue Robbins and Pepper Prespentt

2020- Karrie Galloway

2021- Chris Wharton

2022- Suzanne Stott and Arlyn Bradshaw 

Nominator Contact Information

Please be sure all contact information is accurate and current (especially e-mail addresses) as that is the primary way that we will communicate with you. Thank you!

About the Nominee

Optional Demographics Questions about the Nominee

The Utah Pride Center is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion. We believe we can always do better, and we strive to model unity and empowerment in the diverse communities we serve. Having a commitment to diversity and inclusion means self-awareness, course-correction, and outspoken allyship. Applications from BIPOC and historically underrepresented groups will be given priority.